• Buying and Cleaning Paint Brushes

    Buying and Cleaning Paint Brushes

    Remember when you were in grade school and painting seemed so simple because your teacher just handed you art supplies and helped wash brushes afterwards? Approaching the medium as a more mature artist, you must learn about paintbrush materials and how to properly care for your brushes. First, you must decide whether you will need soft or stiff hairs for your paintbrush. Either can...
  • 10 tips for painting with acrylic paint.

    10 tips for painting with acrylic paint.

    Brushes and a variety of objects may be used to apply these paints to any surface. But, as with any product you can achieve better quality, longevity, and refinement by preparing surfaces before paint application, adding fixing agents for thickening or texture, and applying protective agents after the project is completed.Tip #1 Will this project be an indoor or outdoor product? Acrylics are water...
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