Atlas Easi Pour Acrylic Pouring Medium
Easy to use. Mix ratio: 1 Part Medium, 1 Part Paint. Gloss Finish: Unprimed areas to be primed with Atlas All in One Primer. To obtain a Matt Finish, Dilute with Water.
from R 45.65
Mont Marte Design Studio Tray
Creative materials organizer. Strong, durable plastic frame. 96 Compartments. Washable.
R 92.90
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Mont Marte Premium Acrylic Pouring Medium 240ml
Create your own fluid art by adding this pouring medium to your acrylic paints! You can also use it in small amounts to make your brushstrokes flow better in regular acrylic painting. Features: Ideal for fluid art Improves the flow...
R 107.70
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Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Water Brush, medium
Unscrew, fill with water and start drawing!Perfect in combination with watercolour pencils as well as water soluble coloursSuitable for wet-on-wet, glazing and dry-brushing techniques (granulation)Ideal for on the move (urban sketching)Cap can be used for scratching and scraping techniques (so-called...
R 98.32
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Corrugated board
from R 17.72
Corrugated board
Corrugated board is used for many packaging solutions 1525 x 80m
from R 17.72
Staple Remover
Easy to use staple remover for professional or DIY and home use.
R 249.70
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Stretching Pliers for canvas
This product is a unique canvas pulling tool that is being used to stretch the canvas over the wooden frame that makes it easy for anyone to use.
from R 304.00
Industrial Staple Gun
The best way to secure your canvas to your canvas frame is by using a staple gun or staple tacker to staple your canvas in place. 
R 1,569.75
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Mont Marte Premium Silicone Oil 180ml
Create stunning cells and effects with our Premium Silicone Oil. Simply add it to your pouring paints, pour them onto your canvas and tilt slowly to watch the patterns emerge. For best results use maximum 2-3 teaspoons of silicone oil...
R 173.91
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Faber-Castell sharpening knife
Handmade multi-purpose knifeFor finest graphic correctionsFor sharpening artists' pencils
R 367.24

I absolutely love these guys and their canvases. Every time
I've ordered a large scale canvas from them (and regular sizes, of course),
they've provided the best quality canvas, delivered to me and my clients no
matter how large the canvas, and they have always gone over and above to help
wherever they can. I would recommend these guys to every single artist!

60 x 60px
Chris Valentine

Professional and quick turnaround time. I had the best
experience with Art Canvas Factory and will continue using them. Thank you ACF
for the quality workmanship.

60 x 60px
Lance Artworx

I am very impressed with the canvases I purchased from Art
Canvas Factory. Superb quality, well packed, speedy delivery, and excellent
service. Highly recommended.

60 x 60px
Martle Heyns

I am SO impressed with the quality
of your canvases as well as your fabulous service. Sandra and Graham are always
willing to go out of their way to assist - at a rate of knots too!! Frank is
also always at the ready for those unexpected and hasty deliveries! Thank you
guys - highly highly recommended!

60 x 60px
Kirsty Boltman

service from Sandra! Ordered custom made Large canvas and was delivered in 3
days. Best price and quality canvasses. Highly recommended for artists.

60 x 60px
Inika Pieters

Professional and
quick turnaround time. I had the best experience with Art Canvas Factory and
will continue using them. Thank you ACF for the quality workmanship.

60 x 60px
Lance Grootboom

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