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"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.." ~ Albert Einstein

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us”

~ John Dryden

"Thank you Art Canvas Factory for the wonderful canvas you supplied last week for the 6th MeCaht International Human Trafficking Conference 2019. It was a wonderful surface to work on with charcoal and acrylics."
"I've only been using ACF Canvases the past couple of months, and I probably won't stop using them, because they work out the best! I use them for a multitude of different mediums and applications and prefer them to any other canvas I’ve tried."
"Your canvases have stunning texture, I've used the Stretch and Box Canvases for various mediums, such as oils, acrylics and inks with amazing results!"

The detail is in the small things

Just as we have looked at artists canvases from a different perspective, sitting with an artist coming up with new ideas can bring new concepts to the world. We currently offer 3D design and in house CNC cutting. This process can also enable us to manufacture out of the ordinary items and amazing Custom Canvases!

Working with MDF ensures we greater adaption to what is believed possible! 

Is strong heavy?

One of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers, or rather  reservations, is are Custom Canvases very heavy. Naturally the larger Custom Canvases are heavier than a traditional canvas – but not by much! The way in which we engineer our Back Board Canvases with internal ribs and spine enhances the strength and preciseness.

Your imagination, our goal

Why should you be limited by what’s commercialised?

Artists ask me if I can paint? I always reply that my talents are in other places. Unfortunately painting is not on my talent list. But I’m lucky to have a logical brain and thus am able to make and design some amazing canvases, thereby helping artistic minds put a plan together. I’ve also been in carpentry / CNC / 3D design the past decade – and I’m able to turn most dreams into reality!

Graham (ACF Owner)


Some of the other professional services we offer...

We fix where others fail – We offer a professional re-stretching service. For un-stretched artworks, or damaged stretcher bar artworks.

Super large courier service for those super sized art works.

Learn how to stretch – Sandra offers a course – Contact the office for more details.

Reproduce your artworks with our hi-resolution printing service. 

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