Stretch Canvas

"The art of teaching is the art of discovery" ~ Mark Van Doren

“I’m still learning”

~ Michelangelo

Stretch Canvas:

A 20mm stretcher frame, covered with our unique 260 gsm multipurpose canvas.
The Stretch Canvas is made with the same care and precision as all our other items.

These canvases although aimed at the entry market are super high quality, they don’t bend, buckle or break. They’re perfect for schools, social events and parties

Art & Wine events

Our STRETCH CANVAS is stretched over with a multi purpose 240 gsm imported material that won’t rip or tear when you put some extra effort and enthusiasm into your artworks. STRETCH CANVAS partners perfectly with acrylics. Most popular with schools and painting events!

"Your canvas is awesome! They work very well. People are really loving them, the quality and "look" of them just looks a lot nicer than the cr@ppy imported ones"

Student range low quality?

Our STRETCH CANVAS is superior to anything that is currently available.That’s a guarantee! They are robust, strong and extremely hardy making it the perfect product for hobbyist and newbies. Although they are aimed at students and scholars, they still remain popular with artists choosing our STRETCH CANVAS for exhibitions and commissioned work.

The STRETCH CANVAS is available in standard sizes and custom shapes. 

These canvases are amazing! The children loved using them to create their own unique artwork. I love using them for my own art at home! Best can have ANY size made!!

Start on the right foot

"No matter how talented you are, your talent is going to fail if you're not skilled. If you don't study, if you don't work really hard and dedicate yourself to being better every single day"

Will Smith

ACF has supplied thousands of STRETCH CANVAS to numerous
art schools and initiatives around the country. 

"Kids are not scared to make mistakes, kids are always surprised, they're not worried or calculated. I love teaching kids, its really amazing! They're a lot more capable than you think!"

Are you...

- an Art Teacher Art School

~ Paint events owner

-Party planner-


Our MANDALA have been a great success, they opened the door for us to discover and try something new, we sat with one of our regular artists and perfectly transferred her own sketches to our canvases.We now have a huge range of MANDALA designs to choose from.

Your design

Take your own designs, or your own sketches and let us transfer them onto our ACF canvas. Available in any size.These and the MANDALA are available on circles and other shapes too.

Let your school or painting event be a success!

We cater for corporate events.

Schools love our STRETCH CANVAS!

Do you host or attend painting events?

We bulk manufacture – Courier or collection.

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