Acrylic Paint

14 products
Acrylic paint has a wonderful, thick, creamy consistency that is light fast, and value for money. Acrylic paint that can be used on most...
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Art accessories

8 products
Who knew that being an artist required so many accessories?
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Box board frame

1 product
A box frame, standard depth 40mm (various depths are available on request) covered with a HDF board. The walls are 16mm thick (22mm...
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Box Canvas

1 product
100% Cotton Box Canvas 360gsm 40mm frame depth Acid-free with unique waterproof coating Frames are hand made from re-manufactured wood that will not...
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CNC Shapes 16mm depth

2 products
Cnc Shapes (various depths are available on request) Circles Hexagons Ovals Triangles    
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General writing and marking

3 products
Art Supplies for Drawing, Sketching, Writing, and Taking Notes
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Mandala canvas

1 product
This is a black and white print of a sketch or mandala. It can be on a stretch frame 20mm depth, box canvas...
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Oil Paints

5 products
Oil Paint is a slow-drying paint that consist of particles of pigment suspended in linseed oil. Oil paint is available in either Student...
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Paint Brushes

9 products
For beginners and professionals artists alike. When quality and performance counts, we make it possible with a variety of brushes to choose from.
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Stretch canvas

2 products
Polyester Blend Stretch Canvas 260gsm 20mm frame depth Frames are hand made from re-manufactured wood that will not warp or crack. Individually stretched...
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Watercolour Paints

6 products
A watercolour is the medium or the resulting artwork in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle. Watercolour is available...
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