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Box Board Canvas

Experience Unmatched Durability and Detail

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Unwavering Stability: Imagine a canvas that defies warping, sagging, and even accidental pokes. Our revolutionary Box Board Canvas delivers unparalleled longevity, safeguarding your artwork against physical wear and tear for years to come. Unlike traditional stretched canvases, the rigid surface eliminates concerns about loosening or cracking over time.

A Feast for the Detail-Oriented: Embrace the meticulous precision of our Box Board Canvas. The smooth tooth surface provides the perfect platform for capturing intricate details in your work, allowing your artistic vision to shine.

Crafted with Distinction:

  • Exclusive Canvas Material: Experience the exceptional quality of our 280gsm polyester canvas, developed through rigorous testing to ensure it withstands various environmental factors without compromising its integrity. Hand-stretched for easy removal during shipping, this durable material delivers unmatched performance. 
  • Pre-Primed Gesso: Accelerate your creative process with our pre-primed canvas, featuring a high-quality acrylic gesso formulated in partnership with renowned oil artist Joe Joubert. This smooth, even surface offers the ideal foundation for both oil and acrylic paints.
  • Sturdy HDF Panel: The core of the Box Board Canvas is a robust HDF panel encased within a 40mm deep frame, providing exceptional strength, stability, and precision for your artwork. 
  • Gallery-Wrapped Design: Showcase your masterpiece with complete versatility. Hang it unframed for a contemporary look, or frame it for a more traditional presentation. The Box Board Canvas not only displays your art but also becomes a testament to the quality of your chosen materials.

Elevate your artistic journey with the ACF Box Board Canvas. Experience the perfect blend of durability, detail, and craftsmanship, designed to let your talent truly flourish.

*We always recommend you prepare your canvas the way you find works best for you. 

All our products come with a 105% satisfaction guarantee. If your canvas bends, sags or warps, we'll refund you the canvas and the paint costs!

There is zero-risk purchasing from us! We want you to be happy! :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Philip Duffy
Perfect working surface

This is the second time I have ordered this product. It is a beautifully smooth working surface and the firm backing makes painting detail much easier. Love this product and delivery is so efficient

Bruce Robertson
Solid product at a great price

I bought nine box board canvasses for a series I am working on. I am very impressed with the build quality and the sturdiness of the product. I like the fine tooth on the canvas, as that's my preferred texture to paint on. I've experimented with acrylic, alcohol ink and oil and they all take to the surface beautifully. I'm looking forward to working up complete paintings.

Mary Simons
Excellent quality

Box canvas well made a pleasure to paint on. See yesterday morning’s lay down

Hi Mary - Awesome, thank you for sharing

Yolandi Friedland
Canvas quality

Great quality on canvasses. Super service. Will buy all of my canvasses from here going forward.